Our vision is to honor God through our lives and support the Elders, Ministry Staff, and church family through service and prayer.


The Facility Ministry of the Deacons has several areas of responsibility.

1. Building Upkeep Issues.  Having several pair of eyes on the facility will help us stay on top of any problems that might occur. As you attend church and walk through the building take note of any problems with plumbing, ceiling leaks, chipped paint, or other issues that we need to be aware of. Report any thing that you notice to Elder William Clayton who is over the deacon ministry so that he can pass any needs on to the Board of Elders.

2.  Building Security. The Deacons will help keep our people secure and safe. At 10:45 a.m. members of the Deacon ministry should secure the north doors. These doors should be locked so that anyone entering the church late must come into the main doors of the sanctuary. Also, notice people who may be hanging around the parking lot and not making an effort to enter the building. Don’t approach these people alone but see if there is anything that you can help them with. Sometimes people need help and are hesitant to actually enter the building. If there is ever a disruption in the service that requires someone to be escorted out of the building, the Deacons should help in this situation if any of the elders call upon them. Also, if needed during bad weather the Deacons should help organize men to treat the sidewalks and ramps with deicer and assist our congregation in their arrival and departure from the building.

3. Worship Service Assist. During our worship service, the Deacons should assist with making the service flow smoothly and efficiently. During altar call, the Deacons should assist in helping those who are ministering by “catching” anyone who is overcome by the presence of the Holy Spirit. Select some other men to step up and help with blessing both the ministers and those being ministered to by providing a supporting hand as God touches their hearts. While you are standing behind someone, simply place you hand gently on the back of their shoulders so they know that you are there and then pray for them as you lay hands on them. Also help people receive ministry by encouraging them to step forward into the ministry area. There are always people standing just on the fringe of ministry and all they need is an encouraging word to step forward and receive all that God has for them.

4.  Communion Ministry. The first and last Sundays of each month has been designated as times for our fellowship to take the Lord’s Supper together. The Deacons will be in charge of securing different people to serve the Lord’s Supper.  The elements will be prepared and ready, but each of these services a Deacon will be in charge of having people ready to serve the congregation. A schedule will be made and distributed so that the days you are responsible are clear. Line up four people to help serve on your assigned days. Call them several days before the service to confirm they will be available. Encourage those serving to be in prayer for the congregation and that this portion of the service will be meaningful and bless those participating.

5. Activity and Meal Set Up Ministry. When our congregation has a fellowship meal planned, Sister Dorothy will contact Elder William Clayton who will use the Deacon body as organizers to help set up teams of people to set up tables and tear down and clean up after services. Sister Dorothy will make sure that the Deacon body knows what the set up needs to be. Many people who are new to the fellowship are looking for some way to begin to get involved. This is a way they can begin to assume some responsibility and feel like they are contributing to the body of Christ here at the WILD.

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