Our vision is to honor God through our lives and support the Elders, Ministry Staff, and church family through service and prayer.


Our goal as a Deacon Ministry force is to identify those in our congregation who may be homebound for some reason. Whatever the reason, many times people who  are out of sight are out of mind. At the WILD Church we want to strive to reach those who need to be reminded that they are still cherished and loved by our fellowship even when they believe they can’t contribute by physically being at our church services. As ministers of the gospel it is our blessing to remind them that they are important and not forgotten.

What groups of people might qualify for homebound ministry from our Deacon body?

  • Members who are permanently living in institutional settings,
  • Members who are living in a convalescent center,
  • Members living at home with someone paid to care for them,
  • Members living in the home of their children, and
  • Members confined because they care for a homebound person.

What are the steps to having an effective Homebound ministry?
1. Encourage the fellowship to assist in identifying people whose physical conditions limit their ability to come to church and/or to sit through Bible study and worship.    
2. Get that information to the Deacon who is assigned to that family.
3. Determine if there is a specific Bible study to meet this person’s needs.
4. Check with the family and see what time frame would be good for a visit.
5. If the person who is homebound lives alone, make sure to arrange for another deacon or church member to go with you to make this visit. Never visit a person alone in their home without another person to be with you as a witness.
6. Make your visit planning to spend about 30 minutes maximum in the members home.
7. Spend a few minutes visiting and see if you can discover any specific needs they might have. These needs can be spiritual or physical.
    •  Perhaps they need some work done in the home
    •  A caretaker might need a break
    •  They might need someone to take them to a doctor’s visit.
    •  They might need someone to do grocery shopping or pick up something from the pharmacy.

All these types of things are not needs that you have to be personally involved in, but you should be the one who coordinates with Elder William Clayton to make sure reasonable needs are met. Don’t make any promises that you cannot keep. Simply tell the person that you will see if you can help meet that need.
8. follow up on your visit and make sure if the church or some member was assigned to meet a need, that it was accomplished or at least is in the works.
9. See if there is  a way we can meet spiritual needs either short term or long  term. Here are some suggestions:
    • Provide Bible study guide
    • Help them access online resources for weekly sermons at the WILD Church website
    • Arrange to have CDs of messages delivered
    • Provide spiritual books and other materials to enrich their lives.

The most important thing to do while visiting homebound adults is to establish a feeling of care and love for that person. People often feel isolated so connect to them personally and on behalf of the church body. Maybe someone in our church body has similar interest and would enjoy just visiting and communicating with them on a regular basis. Be that Deacon who connects others in our body to the homebound member.
Homebound ministry is a very important aspect of any church’s ministry. Arrange for a Pastor or Elder to come by and offer communion to those who can’t be in service to take communion. The act of remembering the Lord’s sacrifice and His redeeming love can be a source of great encouragement to those who are isolated.


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